Privacy Statement - Schools

SFW is committed to protecting all the personal information that we process.

SFW maintains contact details of school staff directly involved in the work with SFW so that the administration and management of this work can be effectively carried out in the legitimate interests of the organisation.  This data is only retained for as long as is necessary to fulfil the business relationship.

SFW also collects data on the school children (and their families) with whom it is working.  This data includes relevant background information (including contact details, ethnic origin and any special circumstances) and evidence designed to monitor the impact of our work. The latter includes data extracted from school records and data collected specifically for monitoring purposes.  All such data is collected in the legitimate interests of the organisation and is kept securely in accordance with SFW’s Data Protection and Confidentiality Policy.  It is retained for as long as SFW considers this necessary and, in normal circumstances, it is only shared with third parties in aggregate or in a way that does not enable any individual to be identified.