Our 'Stop Food Waste' Food Project has been set up to demonstrate our Family Group principles in action.  As well as providing an outlet for the skills and energy of some of our Family Group participants, it harnesses the power of a community to help address the food waste problem and to distribute good quality food to families who need it.  

Inspired by environmental movements such as The Real Junk Food Project and The Real Junk Food Café in Twickenham, we have set up Food Stalls at a number of our Family Group schools in West London. 

We have a dedicated Food Project Co-ordinator who sources food for us from local business partners such as Tesco, Asda, The Real Junk Food Café Project, and The Cavan Bakery. All the food is donated free of charge and would otherwise end up in landfill. 

The stalls are run in the playgrounds of our Family Group schools and hosted by Family Group parents/carers and other volunteers. The project demonstrates tangibly the help and sense of community that Family Group offers. It also provides work experience that enhances the skills, confidence and employability of Family Group parents/carers.  

The initiative has been a big success and well received by the schools, the volunteers and the recipients of the food. It brings great joy, great food – for mere pennies – and the knowledge that you are doing something helpful simply by eating! 

The importance of our Stop Food Waste project has been heightened by the Covid and cost of living crises and we’re extremely grateful to all our supporters who have offered additional funding including Kensington Prep School and DEFRA via the Hounslow Emergency Assistance Grant.


Photograph of our food stallLondon Borough of Hounslow logo