Graduate Group welcomes parents and caregivers who have graduated from Family Group. Unlike Family Group, Graduate Group is just for adults to attend.


Graduate Group gives parents/carers access to a weekly therapist led group where families help families. The group is a confidential space to let off steam, think about problems, and even think of ways to do things differently, perhaps do them better.


The Graduate Group is designed to:


  • Maintain an awareness of the process of change
  • Resource parents/carers for current and future challenges
  • Enable a sense of belonging
  • Help parents/carers to make links between ‘separate’ areas of their experience, to help make sense of what is going on in life
  • Build confidence, and enable new competencies and skills


Change is always uncomfortable. It involves acting outside your comfort zone.


Graduate Group is a way to embed and sustain positive changes that parents/carers have made through being involved in Family Group.