Anti-racist practice

At the School and Family Works, we enable change by supporting children and strengthening families in schools and beyond.

We are committed to being an anti-racist organisation. Unless we are, we are limited in our capacity to enable change. 

The murder of George Floyd in May 2020 and the inspiring Black Lives Matter movement acted as a catalyst for us to face up to the reality of racism within the UK, our organisation, our bodies and ourselves. We have recognised that whilst we intended to deliver an inclusive service, we neglected to tackle the burning injustice of racism which is embedded in our society, schools and institutions. We are ashamed and we are determined to change.

This means:

  • Actively tackling conscious and unconscious racism within our organisation, our Family Groups and our communities
  • Ensuring that practice and policy are designed to counter imbalances of power and privilege that uphold racist power structures
  • Acknowledging and addressing racist incidents
  • Ensuring that our therapists have the skills, awareness and confidence to work with families and schools in an anti-racist way
  • Embedding this in our day to day work through ongoing reflection and practice

In July 2020 we established an Anti-Racist Practice Group. We have produced a timeline that will be regularly updated to demonstrate how we, as an organisation, continue to work on this urgent issue.


Our Timeline

April 2022


    'Where are you at?'; 'Provisioning Grounds' Whats group set up

March 2022      'Wake Work for Therapeutic Practitioners' training with Foluke and Robert


    Ruth suggests Foluke Taylor and Robert Downes' CPD training


View a timeline of our anti-racist work  - Our_TimeLine_(1).pdf


Anti-racist timeline infographic