Practice Development Consultant

Line Manager / Practice Development Consultant (‘PDC’)

Reports directly to CEO


Aim of PDC role

Quality assurance/ efficacy: Is there evidence of change?

Adherence to model

Ensure well-being of therapist

Ensure well-being of families

Sustain and develop partnership with school



  • To line manage FG therapists in their role at specified schools
  • To provide guidance and support to therapists through observation and mentoring
  • To ensure adherence to the SFW model is evident in the delivery & practice of Family Group across the identified interventions


Main duties

Monitoring and support

  • To support and challenge therapists in developing their practice as FG facilitators and FG project managers through consultation, skill sharing, advising, etc
  • To ensure full knowledge of and adherence to SFW standards (Theory of Change, Logic Model, Evidence Strategy, FGIAB etc)
  • Respond to weekly Dashboard, to information recorded on the Registers and other data on Box & Box registers / data, supporting therapists to resolve absence / recruitment issues & chase up action points
  • To be available to the therapist to advise on specific issues with FG participants and/or the school
  • To evaluate how well-embedded the intervention is in the whole school context, and work with the therapist to increase engagement
  • Note trends in practice that require attention. Support devising/ implementing training exercises in Team Meetings / Training Days etc
  • To make on-site visits to identified schools, observing Family Group sessions at least x1 per term
  • To provide feedback to the therapist using the relevant format, and where practical, with the therapist, consider offering feedback to their SBP
  • To review / re-visit concerns raised in previous visits and seek resolution
  • To assist in promotional events

Supporting therapist well-being

  • Check-in calls or Zoom sessions as required
  • Monitoring of well being/stress/support needs
  • Liaise with PDC colleagues at half-termly meetings
  • Discuss concerns from visits with PDC colleagues if necessary, escalating to Clinical Governance if required.


Managing Risk

  • Ensure Risk Assessments are reviewed, and up to date
  • Offer guidance re safeguarding concerns for adults and children, reminding therapists to complete the SFW ‘Safeguarding – Essential Information Form’
  • Providing ‘dynamic risk assessment’; bringing a fresh, additional pair of eyes to the group


Client management

  • Chair Reviews in specified schools
  • Actively promote the concept of partnership between the school and SFW.  Help ensure that the school shares responsibility for fundraising, recruitment and evidence collection – and challenge any tendency to treat SFW as “just” a paid supplier of services  
  • Establish a secure professional relationship with Head and relevant staff: inform Head and SBP when you will be in school and offer to consult


General duties

  • Ensure therapists meet all MoU expectations: Attendance, timekeeping, etc
  • Maintain records re therapist sickness
  • Where possible, provide cover if a therapist is ill or otherwise unavailable due to a planned absence, including covering to facilitate peer observation
  • Conduct annual performance appraisals for therapists




The PDC role for 1 FG school is estimated to be 12 days /year. Most PDCs cover 3 schools – approx. 36 days/yr. As a PDC your main working day/s will be identified by need in the organisation. We are seeking professionals who can work flexibly: PDC work cannot always be restricted to one day a week. For example, a therapist may need support planning a session ahead of their delivery day, or de-briefing on another day. PDCs may need to contact school leadership at times agreed to be mutually convenient.  Additionally, PDCs attend monthly Operations meetings, bi-termly PDC meetings and Three-way (‘Noticing’) meetings as required. Our schools are in various locations in S & W London.



A PDC covering three Family Group schools is paid £8,280, plus 5% employer’s pension contribution. (All TCL employees are invited to join our approved pension scheme and contribute 5% of salary, which we match). 


How to apply

If you are interested in the role, then we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please contact us with an up-to-date CV and we will be in touch to have an initial informal chat. Email:


As an employer committed to equal opportunities in all its practices, we recognise that groups and individuals are discriminated against unjustifiably on the basis of age, gender, ethnic origin, race, nationality, colour of skin, sexual orientation, impairment (physical, sensory or learning), physical appearance, marital or other life status, religious or political belief and other differences. It is the policy of Trangenerational Change Ltd that no employee or prospective employee will receive less favourable treatment or be disadvantaged by any circumstances, conditions or requirements that cannot be justified.